It’s January 29th. 3:30pm. As per usual, I’m smoking a cigar (2014 TAA by Tatuaje) as I’m trying to come up my first article. I will probably be drunk before I get anything of substance down but, as they say, Se La Vie. I remember having a hat when I was a kid with that saying embroidered on it that I “borrowed” from a guy on the city bus. Seems like that is really hitting home as of late. I keep wanting to write about beer, food, wine, and cocktails but my local public house Spokeasy and the guys who work there keep popping in my head. I’ve been fortunate enough in this past year with the pandemic plus the lack of support by the ousted president not affecting me as much as most, especially those in the restaurant/bar industry.  When we as Americans… humans had a chance to stand together we chose to do the opposite. When the 3rd stay-at-home order came about, people were willing to riot over not being able to get a haircut or go to the local waffle house, instead of doing what’s best for the entirety of our community. Some establishments decided to use the guise of having a tyrant running the state to go against the governor’s orders and stay open.


I don’t think, and hope, they will never know real tyranny but as they went against the order others stayed true to the community and did what they could by doing to-go only, and others adapted. Yes, they are struggling, but they’re doing what they think is best, not just for their business, but for all their loyal customers. It was and is a sad time in our history that politics came between human life and your affiliations, but all of these fine humans did the right thing, so I feel they deserve an acknowledgement. I want to thank them and hope everyone supports them when we open back more than those places that decided to stay open… thank you Spokeasy, Michelangelo’s Pizzeria, Mochuelo, The Modernist, Libelula, Zacks, Tioga Sequoia Brewery, Machinehead Brewery, House of Pendragon, Valparaiso Cafe, Las Mananitas, Joe’s Steakhouse along with so many others. I hope you join me in spending your hard-earned money with them this year as they struggled all year but stayed true…

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