As I sit here contemplating if I want to go have a beer at spoke or just pull one from the fridge, I can’t help but to think if I could have done more. A few days after I wrote my first article, Zack’s brewing dropped the news about them having to close the doors. It left me wishing I should have visited more.

Steven Zack is not only a good brewer, but he and his wife are good people, so I’ve been beating myself up for not visiting more as I’m sure most Fresno craft beer heads are. I do hope Zack’s comes back and Steven keeps brewing, but it also makes me think of my last article in which I asked you to do as I am in supporting not only local but those local places that put their community first and didn’t open up during the stay-at-home order. Yes, they’re struggling just like the others, but these establishments were selfless and did what was right for everyone. Not all have survived and most still need the community’s help, so help them by visiting them not only when they’re open but during the times they have to shut down. It is upsetting that downtown is losing Zack’s brewing and I’m sure there will be more closures before this is over, but let’s do what we can and find these gems and support as much as possible.

We are all hurting during this time, but together we can keep on pushing Fresno/Clovis into those cities we all love to visit….

The Zack’s

I wish the Zack’s good luck on the next venture and can’t wait to see them when and if they come back; one of if not the first HK_ONTHESTREET episode was at Zack’s grand opening, so I’ll definitely miss them and do what I can to keep them alive and hopefully do my part in helping so we don’t lose anymore of Fresno’s finest.

                Raise your glass
                                         CHEERS TO ZACKS BREWING
                                                                                                                 – HK_ONTHESTREET

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