Yes, I know this is a little late, and this is a little slapdash, but these are five things I expect from the big 3 to announce at this year’s E3.


1. This is the year of Halo (Although Microsoft hasn’t been as crazy as I thought they would be with the opportunity to celebrate their first real Killer App and Franchise. This will change with E3). It’s the 20th anniversary, these big things only come around once. I expect their showcase that does not include Bethesda, to really focus on all things Halo. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a newer, sleeker version of the trailer we got last summer, but really amped up, and a side-by-side comparison along with an Xbox Series X & S live playing on stage to show exactly how capable this console is to really kick the teeth in of the competitor. I also would not be surprised if they plan on releasing a limited amount of Master Chief Xbox editions, or skins or something to really boost the morale of the Halo faithful.

2. Psychonauts. I would not be surprised if they released Psychonauts day and date, or if they were posted that this Friday you can get Psychonauts, so pre-order now and pre-load. I, of course, have not kept up on any news to see if they already announced the release date, but they really need to release a game as soon as possible. They have 23 studios, some rumor that they are acquiring more, so they really need to release something as soon as possible.

3. A full MCU style release calendar. As stated above, they have 23 studios and they plan to hopefully release something every single quarter, which they technically have the power to do. Saying that they are going to release certain games at certain quarters gives them a few months window to do so; some can come early, some can come later if they are held up a little bit, but they need to give their fans a little bit of hope. Especially the hardcore Xbox fans on social media who have really been towing the line for Xbox, along with all the Xbox podcasts in the trenches, and all they’ve talked about (the only thing they have been able to talk about) is Game Pass; how great Game Pass is, and it is a fantastic service, but we really need some concrete release dates for the upcoming year. Hell, with 23 studios, they can release something every single quarter over the next 5 years, theoretically.

4. Bethesda. They are going to be announcing console exclusives, maybe releases for the PS4 with some of their games, but stuff that will not see the PS5. I do not exactly know how that will work out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just released something for the ps4, PS5 was kind of ignored, and then you have your cross generational platforming for Xbox One / Xbox Series X. I also believe that this will be the year that they maybe announce the return of some older IP’s; maybe some teasers for another Wolfenstein, another Dishonored, maybe a teaser for the next Prey. They really have a blank check to make whatever they would like to, and they will. It is never too early for another Doom, even if it is just a teaser. It is also never too early for more Indiana Jones trailers/game play. The world is wide open.

5. Flight Simulator getting released. It’s either going to get released during the presentation for Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S, or it’ll get released in July. If it gets released now, that will kick Psychonauts back to July or August. Also, they really need to bring back Xbox Live Summer of Arcade (a 2 for 1!!). I think it is time, especially with all their partnerships with all those indies. I really believe that they should announce XBLSoA which would hopefully start at the end of June if not right behind the end of E3, and really focus on these games. Maybe show what studio MDHR is working on since their ports are all done. I feel that the developers for Tunic have really pulled away and started working more with Steam, so I think they need to throw some more money at them and get them back on stage. Anything they can do to get some more Indies and focus on them, other than the release of 12 minutes on Sunday.


1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. We need to see some serious gameplay, and maybe a release date. A ton of it, and hopefully a release date for this upcoming Fall/Winter that will be accompanied by the next thing.

2. Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Pro/Super Nintendo Switch. If the rumors are true, and they probably are, they will most likely either open the show or close the show with this thing. It would be kind of nice to be the last thing like that “Oh, oh, wait a second here is the pro to play all these games that we just announced. You can plug it in, you can take this to go. This is the new hotness, this is the release day, this is the price, go and pre-order yours now, because of Covid, these will be extremely limited.

3. Metroid. Either a re-release of the Metroid prime trilogy with a gameplay trailer or Metroid prime 4. Or just a Metroid collection that dates to the NES all the way up to Metroid Prime 3. Anything Metroid. It’s been quiet too long, they’ve had about 2 years to work on it since they first said they were changing teams. I think they can finally show something with that.

4. A boatload of Indie partnerships. They always do this; they always focus on Indies which is fantastic, and their bread and butter, but we are really starved for first party originals, not just Wii U ports/beautification projects. Everything they do with Indies is fantastic, and it’s always great to see more of this. Along with their partnerships with non-Indie companies for more JRPG’s. I would not be surprised to see a ton more of JRPG’s. I included it with the indie partnerships because I had an extra one, and I didn’t want to use five just for JRPG exclusives, which you know are coming anyway.

5. New tracks for Mario Kart, or something to re-energize the Mario kart community and also bring new players in. Maybe they’ll have a broad stroke and not only have something for Mario Kart, but maybe Mario Party as well? Also release new stuff for Mario Golf, maybe even get something for Mario Tennis Aces, or release a trailer for an all-new Mario Super Strikers?! Anything and everything Mario. I think that they will refocus on that because last year’s 35th anniversary was a little bit lackluster, and they should do some more fan service style things for all of the Mario Faithful.


Nothing. More timed-console exclusives at their event later this month, as well as remasters of old IP’s, and maybe some unannounced sequels or prequels. Maybe even another Drake game, since the movie will be out soon.

Let’s keep score and see how I did, I will update next week.

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