This is the inaugural launch of our monthly segment, HK on the Street (#HKonthestreet on your social medias). He spent some time at a few events in December, 2 of them being the grand opening of Zack’s Brewing, & the annual Rush Day from Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company. He was able to snag some interviews with some craft beer fans, as well as an interview with the CEO of TS brewing, Mike Cruz, plus the Owner/Brewer of Zack’s Brewing, Steven Zack. Check it out by clicking the links below, as well as a little breakdown of who was interviewed. 


These are taped live, so they are uncut, & very loud. I’ve done my best to lower the background noise while beefing up HK & the interviewees, so I apologize in advance if they are hard to hear.

  1. Danny-Cakes & Mary C, with guests. (Taped @ Zack’s Brewing)
  2. Art, Ronnie, & Nolage (Taped @ Zack’s Brewing)
  3. Michelle H, Coley, & Philly (Taped @ Zack’s Brewing)
  4. Mr. Steven Zack (Zack’s Brewing)
  5. Mike Cruz, Jacob M, and James H (Taped @ Tioga Sequoia)